Join EagleView’s Professional Practice Group for an in-depth look at the benefits and applications of certified high-resolution orthogonal aerial imagery for GIS and planning professionals.  

Viewers will get a behind-the-scenes look at two of our popular GIS offerings for orthogonal imagery:

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Certified Imagery for GIS and Planning Professionals

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  • Certified Orthomosaics produced to meet state and local requirements and validated for geospatial accuracy by our licensed engineering team. 

  • TrueTouch™ which removes seams and distortions in orthomosaics so your department can accurately view and measure roads, bridges, large buildings, and landmarks.  

Keynote Speakers

Kevin Beers

Kevin Beers 
District Manager 

Lauren E. Saracene

Emma Witherwax 
Aerial Triangulation Manager   

Carl Schoenthal

Carl Schoenthal, PE  
Sr Director, Professional Practice Group  

  • How EagleView's surveyed ground control and photogrammetry processes provide for absolute geospatial accuracy

  • How EagleView's camera technology and imagery processing work to provide for improved clarity and feature recognition

  • Top applications for GIS and Public Works professionals who are using orthogonal imagery and orthomosaics

  • Recent certified projects delivered to Texas counties

Viewers will learn more about: