In the constantly evolving landscape of property assessment, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of historical records is paramount. Sketches not only help identify untracked changes in local government records but, more critically, they highlight discrepancies and anomalies in historical sketches. These discrepancies can result in lost tax revenue and inefficiencies, costing counties dearly over the years.

By integrating sketch verification into regular assessment practices, assessors can recapture missed tax dollars and streamline their review processes, ensuring no change goes unnoticed.

Join us in exploring how staying proactive with sketch verification can increase efficiency and revenue for local governments.

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Sketch Verification:
The Key to Uncovering Lost Revenue and Boosting Assessment Accuracy

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Using High-Resolution Imagery to Correct Geospatial Data for NG911 Standards

911 Data Before High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

  • The Importance of Accurate Sketches: Discover how sketches play a pivotal role in identifying changes often missed in local government records.

  • Uncovering Discrepancies: Learn how historical sketch inaccuracies lead to significant revenue losses and how you can rectify this.

  • Boosting Local Government Revenue: Find out how staying proactive with sketch verification can seal the cracks in your assessment process, leading to improved revenue.

  • Streamlining Review Processes: See how sketch verification solutions from EagleView can enhance your efficiency and ensure no detail is overlooked.

911 Data After High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

What You'll Learn: